Monday, November 8, 2010

Seven Easy Tips to Learn Mandarin


Many of our students had thought that learning mandarin was difficult before they came to our classes, but with these little tips, it can be easy and fun!

l Understand the logic of the Chinese language and characters, rather than memorizing by rote.

l To become familiar with sentence structure, so one can build the sentences on his or her own.

l Enjoy yourself while you learn. We all know the best result of learning is through having fun!

l Find people who are also interested in learning. It will be much more enjoyable and encouraging learning with partners.

l Be brave to speak out; that’s how we know whether what we say is understandable.

l Practice with native mandarin speakers; learning in the environment is how we can improve faster!

l The best way is to find a school or tutor who can bring all of the above to you!

Do you have other tips? Come and share it with us!

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